EFC Indicator: MT4 Indicator Reversal Trading Tool

 The EFC indicator is an advanced tool created by Trading Strategy Guides, which is used to help find the perfect trading entry. While there is no such thing as a perfect trading entry- The EFC indicator is one of the best ways to find the timing.

The EFC Indicator was designed to help traders to more effectively trade our 80-20 RSI Trading Strategy If you want to understand how the strategy works just read that article. 

This article is primarily focused on how the indicator works and not the strategy. 

This tool was released in 2017 and has gone through 6 major upgrades since then so it is continually getting better and better. 

EFC Indicator: MT4 Indicator Reversal Trading Tool

How does the EFC Indicator work:

  • The EFC is designed to do three things to maximize trading entries.
  • The EFC finds strong trends so traders can always trade in the direction of the trend.
  • The EFC Indicator finds strong pullbacks and reversals in the direction of the trend.
  • The EFC finds when the pullback is complete and creates a signal when to enter the trade.

Here is a simple Diagram demonstrating how the EFC indicator works so that you can get a general understanding of this tool.

When a BUY trade is triggered the remaining candles will turn green until the set stop loss or take profit

is reached. When a SELL trade is triggered the remaining candles will turn red until the set stop loss or

take profit is reached. You will also see a green arrow point up (for a buy) or a red arrow pointing down

(for sell).

1. Resuming everything written above we can outline the basic principles of getting Buy/Sell signals:

RSI must be in oversold (for buy signal) or overbought (for sell signal) zone (orange bars)

2. RSI must then exit that zone and go restoring along with a price (blue bars). Since this moment

we can put a stop order to enter a trade. Entry price is the start price of the pattern (first

orange bar)

3. As soon as a price triggers the entry level, the indicator emulates trade entry

4. If RSI turns back and goes again to over-zone, the signal cancel.

Basic principles of entry signals

The EFC pattern starts when the RSI hits a critical level and the candles turn orange (default color).

Then when RSI gets back from the critical zone along with price, blue candles appear (default color).

To decide if a price is really tending to rise (for Buy pattern) we compare the current close price with a price of the bar with the lowest RSI value (it must be higher).

For the Sell pattern, accordingly, to be sure the price goes down we compare the current price with the price of the bar with the highest RSI value.

Main EFC Components

Trend Tool: The Trend tool helps you to know which direction the trend is going at all times and that will help make sure you don’t get faked out of trades that other traders will fall for. 

Shaded Candles: The shaded Candles make it simple for traders to know exactly the best time to trade the markets- These candles are designed for ease of use and also for helping traders spot the entries.

There are 4 shades to show 4 different markets. Momentum, Divergence, Overbought, and Oversold.

Price Action Indicators- A trade doesn't just trigger when shading occurs we need to get a price action signal to trigger an entry.

Entry Point: The software shows where to enter the trades so there is no guess work everything is self explanatory.

Stop Loss: A clear stop loss is shown on the charts which is needed to ensure traders are using proper risk management:

Take Profit: A take profit is clearly marked on the charts so that traders can easily see where the trade needs to go to hit the maximum targets.

EFC Dashboard: The EFC dashboard is a scanner that searches the entire Forex Market so that traders can know when a trade is getting ready to setup with just a quick glance rather than going through chart after chart. 

See the image below for all of the key EFC parts in action which will give you a great idea of exactly what is included when you use the EFC indicator.

EFC Dashboard: How it works

When you grab the EFC Indicator you get access to the EFC Dashboard 2.0 which is our new and improved dashboard and that gives you instant access to everything going on in the markets right now.

The EFC dashboard looks like this:

Dashboard indicator show the main events of the EFC trading pattern for the specified set of


  • Overbought/oversold state (orange)
  • Waiting for entry (blue)
  • In position (green or red)
  • Closed position (dark green or dark red)

Also, EFC dashboard allows to open preview window for each instrument and then to open a chart with

EFC running on it like you see in the picture above.

EFC Indicator Review:

The EFC indicator is one of the top rated Indicators on MT4 this is based on several factors.

Ease of Use: The efc indicator is very simple to understand when a signal is ready to trade a simple shading of the candles turns red or green based on buy or sell. The team at Trading Strategy Guides believes trading should be made as simple as possible. 

Alerts: The platform sends simple alerts that pop up right on the dashboard with a bell alarm as well. This makes sure you won't miss an alert even when you might be focused on something else. 

EFC Indicator Reviews: There are thousands of people who use the EFC indicator and they have left great reviews. Here are a few of them that we want to share. 

Installation: The EFC is designed for the MT4 platform and we have made the installation simple and effective. In fact the entire installation process generally only takes 5 minutes to complete. 

Customer Support: The trading industry is known to have terrible customer support but with the EFC indicator we put our customers first and we always answer your emails fast. With a full explanation and we work hard to make sure your happy or we are not happy. 

EFC Free Download:

At this time there is no Free Download for the EFC because we have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours perfecting this platform. 

If you see a free download anywhere on the internet you need to know that it is a stolen copy- It is not upto date and is missing many of the new features. 

In addition if you see a free download anywhere online it could be infected with a virus as it is not officially from Trading Strategy Guides.

It is always best to get the official product from us so we can give you full support and help you. Our goal is our success and when you work with us you get the best chance of getting the EFC indicator to work for you.

There have been thousands of users who work with EFC 

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